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Luggage Storage NYC: Where to Store Your Luggage in Midtown

New York City luggage storage is the simple solution when your travel times don’t match up with your check-in or check-out times. Who wants to be dragging around heavy suitcases and duffel bags when you’re in between reservations? NYC is full of sights to see, events to attend, and activities to take part in, and luggage storage will give you the chance to hold onto just your essentials while you take advantage of every minute you’ve got in the city. These luggage storage companies are located in midtown for your convenience. 

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: Stasher

stasher new york luggage storage

More convenient than just one location, the phone-based app Stasher opens up spots all over midtown for luggage storage. Their locations ("StashPoints") are within easy walks of major landmarks and transport hubs like Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority, and Times Square. The price is pretty convenient, too—just $6 per day. Book online and store securely: all locations have been vetted for security, and each item is insured up to $1,000.

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: Vertoe Luggage Storage

Meet Vertoe, a cool and innovative instant baggage storage concept. If you're looking for an hourly luggage storage space before or after a hotel stay, or if you need to stash something while you're at a concert, sporting event, or theatrical performance, Vertoe will take the load off. The price is just $5.95 per day; the cherry on top is insurance coverage of $5,000, providing that extra peace of mind. Key city locations like Penn StationGrand CentralPort AuthorityLower Manhattan, and Brooklyn (the list is long) are all covered by Vertoe. Click for all locations and instant storage bookings. 1460 Broadway & many other locations,

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: Nannybag

Nannybag covers a lot more than midtown: they help travelers drop off luggage and belongings at partners stores and hotels in 250+ cities across 26 countries. You can opt for a few hours or a few days, working around check-ins and check-outs. In NYC alone they have 100 "Nannies" (luggage points), with more than a dozen options in midtown alone, running from the east side to the west. The price is just $6 for the first 24 hours, and then $4 for any extra day; all luggage is insured by AXA.

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: Schwartz Luggage Storage

Schwartz Luggage Storage is a great alternative to expensive airport prices at only $10 a bag. The establishment is cash-only, and you trade your bag in for a paper ticket that you’ll use to collect your luggage. Once you’ve finished gallivanting around town, you can return here, grab your stuff, and get on your way—as simple as that. It’s no-hassle, only a few blocks from Penn Station, and everything you leave will be in safe hands. What more could you ask for? Additional location in midtown. 357 W. 37th St., 212-290-2626,

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: LuggageHero

LuggageHero provides luggage storage in NYC at 140 locations, in all major areas of ManhattanBrooklyn, and beyond. If you want to store without a second thought, security measures plus up to $3,000 insurance for each bag and its contents make LuggageHero a great choice. Making use of conveniently located retailers—coffee shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, and the like—allows for great access to key locations like Grand Central, Port Authority, Penn Station, and Times Square. Check out LuggageHero's booking platform platform to get started and see how it easy it is to find a location close to wherever you want to be.

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: Luggage Keeper

Luggage Keeper is a safe and convenient spot for you to stash your stuff. Within walking distance of Penn Station, Times Square, and Port Authority, you’ll waste no time getting your luggage stored. It’ll stay out of harm’s way with 24/7 surveillance and insurance, though you might stick around to use the free Wi-Fi and printing. The flat rate is $7 for a small bag and $10 for a medium or large bag—a hard-to-beat price for such peace of mind. 357 W. 36th St., 2nd Floor, 212-967-0026,

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: StoreMe

StoreMe's luggage storage service makes use of dozens of small businesses in the city to provide safe, short-term space for your belongings. You can reserve on-demand or in advance through the StoreMe website or mobile app in minutes. There are affordable hourly or daily rates and your items are insured up to $3,000. Locations all around NYC.

Best of NYC Luggage Storage: City CoPilot

You can store your luggage at City CoPilot for $10 an item during the day, and if you need to leave your things past 7pm, there’s an additional day rate that can accommodate you. They also offer a luggage delivery service. Not to mention, they sell other necessities for a day in the city like drinks and snacks, in case you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up. If it’s raining, you can even purchase an umbrella. Service is smooth and friendly, and you’ll feel confident that your possessions are in trustworthy hands. Additional locations on the Lower East Side and in Brooklyn. 777 Eighth Ave., 866-340-4399,

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