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Things to Do This Week in NYC (8/2-8/7)

(8/2-8/7) Looking for what to do in NYC this week? The city is in the midst of a major reopening; most capacity restrictions for retail, food, gyms, offices, barber shops and more will lift as of Wednesday, May 19th. Subway service returned to 24/7 as of Monday. Read on for more in-person reopenings and other things to do in NYC this week.

Brave New Broadway—The Dates to Date for New York Theatre's Return

As much as I’d like to dazzle you with a complete list of Broadway previews, openings and re-openings, the current roster is far from complete. Still, considering the Great White Way has been dormant for over a year and a half, the evolving influx of announcements is dramatically optimistic!

Openings and More: NYC Tourism Latest

Subway ridership is up and the MTA notes declining crime, back to pre-pandemic levels. (And there will be no fare hike this year.) More signs of return for NYC. The Times this week reports the city is looking to culture to lead the comeback. As the Broadway and Off-Broadway calendars fill in, and more festivals announce dates, that shift is already well underway.

Hotel Openings and More NYC Tourism News

The Met is back over 10,000 visitors a day. Hotels may not be at capacity yet, but they're getting close. As a commenter put it on the Everything To Do NYC Facebook Group this week,

NYC Tourism: Festivals, Updates, Openings

There haven't been many ticker tape parades through downtown in recent years, making today's celebration all the more inspiring. At 11am, the city will celebrate our

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